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Science-towards-technology breakthrough
This project aims to create a bridge between the automotive industry and fibre optic technology. In accordance with the Horizon Europe strategic plan (21-2024) and the Horizon Europe Work Programme 2022, it aims at developing scientific basis to underpin game-changing technological solutions to support the digital and green transition in a global scale.

A key aspect of the project

The science of car body vibration analysis opens a wide range of diagnostic capabilities that will be researched within this project. For the time being, there are no established scientific models or knowledge that allow for vibration based comprehensive car diagnostics. Such a technology could lead to a breakthrough in car maintenance and service business models, and if successful, may allow for predictive maintenance, safety enhancements and a reduction in overall cost and manpower.

Cognitive science

The algorithms we wish to develop will ease the maintenance of the vehicle giving online information and hints to the driver on many possible troubles. Moreover the development of new smart cars, with enhanced connectivity to the network, with a future fully electric and self-driving vehicles, requires the study of local connectivity with enough data bandwidth to control and read multiple devices real time to perform the necessary adaptation to the environment. In particular smart algorithms including sophisticated AI will enhance the possibilities to connect the vehicle to the rest of the world. In principle the car itself is sensing its integrity and communicates the information where needed realtime. The fact that it can also adapt online to the local changing environment adds an unprecedented flexibility that if fully exploited will allow a better performance either on power saving and ageing.

 And More

All dissemination, exploitation and communication activities within the CREATION project will result from the comprehensive strategy (with detailed action plan - plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results including communication activities) and aim at raising awareness about the project outcomes towards target groups. The plan will take into account the participants’ strategy and the identification of target groups of audience. Appropriate procedures will also be established to facilitate the dissemination of the project results following the EU/EIC rules and make the public deliverables easily accessible throughout a full lifespan of the project to all interested stakeholders. All planned activities.

How we create our future

Long-term vision

Photonic technologies are currently mainly associated with optical fibre technology and its applications, primarily in telecommunications. We are now working on popularising such technologies and science fields as metrology and optical sensories, in particular, fibre optic sensors in everyday use. Of course, optical fibres will continue to play a key role as a medium for optical signal transmission, yet they will be used in a whole new dimension of applications for investigation of signal both stochastic and harmonic properties. The breakthrough would be predictive maintenance, which will allow both users and companies to plan service actions ahead of actual failures.

A network of sensors in optical fibers
Predictive maintenance needs to be based on versatile, precise and reliable sensor networks, which provide abundance of relevant data.

The use of AI algorithms
AI methods capable of processing multivariate time series of a versatile nature will provide reliable anomaly detection.

Long-term strategy


Gaining a significant position in the sector of creating new visionary and innovative solutions for business and producers of application software for medium and large enterprises.

How we do it
Through the consistent implementation of our strategy, we will try to increase the satisfaction of our customers and partners, as evidenced will be numerous references.

We systematically expand our activities to international markets. We create consortia thanks to which we implement the expansion new dedicated products in the areas of transport.

Our mission
By creating innovative IT systems and business solutions, we try to help our clients achieve market advantage.


Our strengths

We are a growing knowledge-based company, we are determined to gain experience in creating specialized IT / AI software and solutions for the transport sector of the economy.

Social Responsibility
Businesses have large carbon footprints, regardless of size. Any steps our company can take to reduce its footprint is considered good for both our company and society. Philanthropy: Our business can practice social responsibility by donating money, products or services to social causes and nonprofits. Larger companies tend to have plentiful resources that can benefit charities and local community programs; however, even as a small business, our efforts can make a difference.  We think, that a small donation of money, time or our company’s products best helps. Recently, we have been involved in helping Ukraine too.

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